Music & other such concerns

I like listening to music! The most frequent genre would have to be jazz, although I tend to shift around in terms of which subgenres and artists I'll focus on. Some of my favorite artists and groups are Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Eric Dolphy, and Herbie Hancock.


I suppose I just lean towards jazz that lies relatively firmly in the hard- and post-bop eras, with some exceptions for Hancock's jazz fusion. One artist I've been meaning to explore the discography of is Wayne Shorter, ever since hearing his work on 's The All Seeing Eye and on Miles Davis' Miles Smiles.

Ambient & such

I've also been dabbling in ambient and early electronic music, i.e. North Star by Phillip Glass () and Plantasia by Moog pioneer Mort Garson (). The most comfy album of all has to be the latter, an LP commissioned by Mother Earth News to be, in their words, warm earth music for plants... and the people who love them.


Plantasia by Mort Garson (Homewood Records, ) is a stellar exposé of the Moog's potential as an instrument. From the high, warbling notes of the opening title track to the warm backing bass synths, the album is at once both soothing relaxation and an inviting experiment in composition.

Garson spurns in advance the harsh, digital sound of modern electronic music, instead crafting playful and soft soundscapes out of Moog modules.


Another genre I like is metal, particularly drone.


Some of the noise musicians and groups I like: