Plants & gardening

I like plants! They're wonderfully calming, and interesting to grow. Some plants I've tried growing are jalapeño, bell, and Hungarian wax peppers, spearmint, and rosemary.

Hot peppers

My adventures in growing hot peppers have generally been varied. Jalapeños went just fine, producing a reasonable number of fruits for the climate. I don't really know what sort of heat they should have produced, but they seemed to have enough for jalapeños.

The bell peppers, while not exactly hot, seemed to be alright. The fruits weren't particularly large, and the seeds seemed somewhat undersized. I used some of the diced pepper for omelets, and put the seeds out to dry.

The least successful crop was the Hungarian wax peppers, although I really shouldn't be so harsh given the good flavor. Some manner of critter stripped every leaf from both of the plants we had, and both were only able to produce a single fruit. Despite that, they still had good heat and flavor, along with well-developed seeds I currently have drying out on a windowsill.

My hope for the next growing season is to get more of the wax pepper plants growing, since they're nice and hot without being overwhelmingly so. Guides online call for heating pads and grow lights when getting seedlings started, so I'll be considering that in terms of getting the plants started for the summer growing season.

Windowsill growing

The two plants I've had potted on my windowsill are spearmint and rosemary. The rosemary has worked out better so far, given that the spearmint didn't take very long before getting overtaken by thrips.

The spearmint has been doing great otherwise. A reasonable pruning schedule was enough to induce more runners and much denser, lower growth than before. Meanwhile, the rosemary has been doing just fine. I've pruned and pinched it once, and it's put off a good amount of new growth in response.