Buildings and structures can be really neat! They house people, critters, and a whole bunch of other things, while at the same time serving as works of art.

Some of my favorite things

Here are some of my favorite buildings, with some degree of organization by connecting styles or themes:

Gropius House

Frontal view of the Gropius
House, featuring glass block entryway, continuous horizontal windows
on the second floor, and spiral staircase to the roof deck.
A front view of the Gropius House. The spiral staircase was added specifically for Ati, and sourced from a fire escape company.
Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Gropius House in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and it was certainly worth the drive. Previous house tours have been strictly colonial works, such as the nearby Ralph Waldo Emerson House, so this was a fascinating trip into a fusion of Bauhaus with the same traditional design cues of colonialism.

Completed in 1938, the Gropius House was Walter's way of fulfilling his desire to experience life in an American countryside during his tenure at Harvard.

The central staircase of the
Gropius House, which turns around halfway up and features decorative
balusters along the outside edge.
Folded in half to fit the space, the cork flooring of the central staircase softens steps, and the inner handrail guides one away from the inside of the steps.

The house's interior was meticulously thought out using Gropius' experience from the Bauhaus, as well as a synthesis of colonial design principles.